Division of Capacity Building and Training
2013-2016: New York University, Master’s Degree
2009-2013: Beijing Normal University, Bachelor’s Degree
Work Experience
2019-. ANSO Secretariat
2016-2018: Business Risk Manager, Minsheng Royal Asset Management Company
Wang Zhongxiu is the Program Officer of ANSO Secretariat. She got her Master’s Degree from Department of Psychology of New York University. She worked at Minsheng Royal Asset Management Company as a business risk manager for three years before joining the ANSO Secretariat. Wang is fluent in English, with a broad interest in psychology, economics, as well as the interaction between human activities and nature.
1.Hardening the dividend policy of listed companies. Securities Times 2018-11-13. (in Chinese)
2.Inspiration drawn from U.S.’s supervision pattern of large financial institutions. Contemporary Economic Research. 2018(9), 31-37. (in Chinese)
3.Public perception of climate change in China. Journal of Beijing Normal University (Natural Science). 2016(6): 714-721. (in Chinese)
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