The CGTN interview for CMRC Project

On September 30, the “UN High-Level summit on biodiversity‘’was held by the United Nations. The Heads of States, experts and researchers shared the knowledge on the approach to protecting biodiversity around the world, how to promoting sustainable development, and highlight the crisis facing humanity from the degradation of biodiversity. Prof. Zhibin Zhang and Dr. Yan Xie who are the representatives of Research on Ecological Security Assessment and Countermeasures along the China-Mongolia-Russia Corridor in the Belt and Road Region (CMRC Project) accepted the TV interview, shared scientific insights on animal infectious diseases, China's protected area system and other concerned issues. They particularly thanked ANSO for the support of the project research in the interview. 

China was one of the first countries to accede to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and took the lead in establishing the National Committee for Biodiversity Conservation. Prof. Zhibing Zhang, the President of International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) and Project leader of CMRC Project briefing introduced that the project is committing to enhance transboundary cooperation on biodiversity conservation among protected areas especially along the Belt and Road countries, which is essential for our society. China's achievements in nature conservation have set a good example for the whole world. 

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