ANSO-World Mollisols Association Co-organized the International Forum on Black Soil Conservation and Utilization held in Changchun, China

World Mollisols Association (WMA) 2021-08-17
The International Forum on Black Soil Conservation and Utilization, hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, PRC, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Jilin Provincial Government, and co-organized by ANSO-World Mollisols Association (ANSO-WMA) was held on July 21-23, Changchun, China.

The theme of the forum was Cherishing and Conserving the Black Soil. There were three sessions in the forum: Conservation and utilization of Black soil in relation to food security; Multiple functions of Black soil and sustainable development; Conservation tillage and application.

President of ANSO-WMA and professor with the Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, CAS, Dr. Xiaobing Liu moderated the first session and gave a presentation titled Topsoil depth in relation to crop productivity in Mollisols.

Members of the ANSO-WMA from the four continuous bodies of Mollisols, Dr. Richards M. Cruse, the advisor of ANSO-WMA and professor with Iowa State University, USA; Dr. Yuriy Kraveckenko, vice president of ANSO-WMA responsible for Eastern Europe and professor with the National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine; Dr. Xingyi Zhang, the secretary-general of ANSO-WMA and professor with the Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, CAS; and Dr. Miguel Angel Taboada, representative member of ANSO-WMA in South America and director of Soil Science Institute, INTA, Argentina, presented their research respectively in the titles of Daily Erosion Project and how it can be used to target conservation practices be of interest? Agrogenesis of Ukrainian and Chinese Chernozems, Current Scenario of Soil Erosion and Control Practices in Northeast China, Main threats and management in Argentinean Mollisols. 

Other 21 speakers from the USA, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, FAO, European Commission and China also shared their research and ideas in the aspects of functionality and important roles of Black soil, food production and environment in relation to Black soil, Black soil contribution to food security and ecological civilization, the main problems and strategies/management of Black soil, Black soil health and safety appraisal, and conservation tillage and its challenge. The forum released the Initiative of World Black Soil Conservation and Utilization, and reached consensus on strengthening international cooperation on Black soil conservation.
Source: CHEN Yimin
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