ANSO Assisted Kyrgyzstan in Drinking Water Safety Management----"Training Course for Water Purification Equipment Operating and Maintenance Personnel" Successfully Held

Popularization and application of low-cost intelligent water purification technology in Central Asia 2021-07-09
On June 28, with the support of “the Belt and the Road” Alliance of International Science Organizations Joint Research Cooperation Special Project(hereinafter referred to as “ANSO”), "Training Course for Water Purification Equipment Operating and Maintenance Personnel" in 2021 was jointly held by Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography of CAS, Research Center for Ecology and Environment of Central Asia of CAS(Bishkek), Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology of CAS, Third Pole(Anhui) Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. of CAS and Hefei “the Belt and the Road” Alliance of Science and Technology Industry Innovation Strategy, it aims to assist in improving management of Rural Drinking Water Safety Project in Kyrgyzstan, and ensure the safety of drinking water for rural residents. The representatives of water affairs from the Water Resources Agency under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, Department of Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage and seven local states attended the on-line training.

Li Yaoming, Director RCEECA (Bishkek), Head of Research Center for Silk Road Green Development Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography and Leader of ANSO Project, introduced that 10 sets of intelligent water purification equipment will be firstly installed in seven states of Kyrgyzstan for ANSO Project, affected by the epidemic, no on-site installation can be performed by the engineering technicians of China, in order to facilitate standardized operation of the equipment in future, there is an urgent need to train the local staff of water affairs to install, manage and maintain the equipment.

Professor Alamanov Salamat, President of the Geography Society in Kyrgyzstan, said that the clean drinking water supply for the rural areas and the rural-urban fringe in Kyrgyzstan is still at a very low level, and the conditions for large-scale construction of centralized water supply facilities by pipelines are not available in the near future, therefore, it is of great significance for improving drinking water quality by development and application of intelligent, low cost and high efficiency small size centralized water supply equipment. Kasym Toktogul, Director of Department of Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage in Kyrgyzstan, said that he had been to China and RCEECA and visited the installation of the first set of water purification equipment in Kyrgyzstan, it is believed that the training course organized by the ANSO Project can enable more water management and technical personnel at all levels in Kyrgyzstan to learn and master the technical principles and operating skills of water purification, and benefit more people in various states and regions of Kyrgyzstan through effective organization and promotion of the Water Supply and Drainage Administration.

Through on-line practical operation training of model machines, the technicians made a detailed introduction and demonstration from process route, core components and functions, water inlet and outlet installation, wire connection and initial installation of equipment, equipment commissioning method and management and maintenance cautions in future of water purification equipment. After the meeting, participants made a visit and conducted the practical operation on the first set of equipment.

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Resource: Xuexi Ma |  Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography of CAS
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