The Latest Progress of World Mollisols Association (WMA)

World Mollisols Association (WMA) 2021-07-02
World Mollisols Association (WMA), an institution under the framework of ANSO, aims to gather researchers from the Mollisols regions of the world in meeting the technical demand of agricultural, environmental and social development in the Mollisols regions, and ensuring the sustainable utilization of Mollisols resources. Focusing on the needs for sustainable agriculture development of countries in "Belt and Road", WMA convenes symposiums on Mollisols research at regular intervals, integrates all kinds of research platforms, organizes effective communication among young scientists, and develops relevant basic theories and technical measures for Mollisols resources, provides consultation and technical support for the sustainable utilization of Mollisols resources in the world. Among them, it is the common aspiration of the scientists and technicians in the countries of WMA to study the common scientific and technological problems in the Mollisols regions.

Gully erosion is the common problem in the world and is also one of the main ecological problems in Mollisols region of Northeast China, which has caused serious damage to grain production and farmland ecosystem. There are about 600,000 gullies in Northeast China, which has already damaged 33000 hectares of farmland. Gully erosion leads to farmland fragmentation and the difficulty of agricultural machinery operation, and thus reduces farming efficiency and hinders the development of modern agricultural production. 

ANSO World Mollisols Association secretary-general, Professor Xingyi Zhang and his team from the Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a technology named gully remediation with stalks or crop residue (GRS). GRS is a resource-saving, environment protecting engineered system that not only repairs exiting gullies and terminates further gully development, it facilitates field machinery operation and crop production in areas previously unusable. The technology has been authorized by the national invention patent, and its technical standard stipulation has been approved by Heilongjiang Province. This invention has been adopted in the national pilot project of Black soil farmland conservation and the implementation plan of gully management special project and is one of the major practices for the Black soil conservation. Besides, the technology of quickly restoring eroded farmland by organic amendment developed by his team was well recognized and received by farmers. The implementation and extension of the technology has achieved remarkable results. The technology has been widely reported by CCTV news studio, China Science Daily, Heilongjiang Daily and other mainstream media, and has made outstanding contributions to harness the damaged farmland and ensure national food security.

In the world, 80% of the land suitable for farming has been moderately or seriously eroded, which threatens the world food security and ecological security. The popularization and application of gully control technology will provide technical support for global soil erosion control and will make important contributions to ecological restoration and food security in countries in “Belt and Road" region.

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